SysInfoPlus shows various information and system status such as system information, process status, memory status, disk space, network routing tables and so on.

The system information provides the uptime, the load average, the battery status, the login users, the network interface information (includes SSID), device information, kernel information and hardware information.

The process status shows the all running processes on your iPhone / iPod touch. It also provides the uptime of each process. Moreover you can terminate processes of mobile user.

The memory status reports the current memory status and various memory statistics such as page-in/page-out, cache hit ratio and so on.

The disk status displays the total disk space, the used disk space and the free disk space. It shows the filesystem type and mount point, too.

The network status shows the network interface statistics, the network routing table, the TCP socket status and the UDP socket status. If the network interface is active, it also displays its IP address, broadcast address, netmask and network address. On VPN mode, you will be able to confirm the allocated IP address, netmask and destination address.