What does it do?
AVPlayer is a simple media player that uses the built-in quicktime features of your iPhone. It gives you the power to play audio and video from files stored on your device. Unlike the built-in `iPod` feature, this setup lets you recall media without the need for syncing with iTunes, allowing you to stay completely independent from your PC.

Play compatible mp4 and 3gp videos, mp3 audio tracks and other formats. You can now watch and listen to saved media -- no web-server or Safari browser required. Think about playing all your songs from seeqpod, saved videos from youtube, media you get through torrents, through file-transfer and even your mobile iTunes library.

What formats are supported?
AVPlayer uses the quicktime library, it will play any format that is supported by the device. MP4, M4V, MOV, 3GP, MP3, AAC, AIF. More formats may be supported.