Compatible with iOS 4, 5 and 6

This is a very cool 3D Effect* for your homescreen. This tweak takes advantage of the iphone's sensory hardware to give off a 3D effect to SpringBoard, adding a new dimension of iOS!

Toggle on the effect in Settings, and adjust depth to your liking.

3DBoard works with all devices, 4.0+

If the effect does not take hold after install, simply toggle on/off and it will take hold

The reason this sort of effect works: True 3D doesn’t need to be binocular. When you close one eye, you only see one image, yet you can still perceive depth. You can’t \"see\" the depth as you can with 2 eyes, but with motion, and in-brain calculations, you can still understand the depth. On a flat, 2D screen, with flat, 2D images, you don’t get depth perception because the small motions of your head don’t change the angle in relation to the image. This type of effect (better than using cameras for eye tracking because its slow, though i’m looking into that) works because it allows perspective changing based on motion/relation to screen. To be honest, holding it in hand, it looks \"better\" when closing one eye, basically forcing your brain into “single eye depth calculation” mode, in which motion changes register as depth, giving the effect.

Doesn't work with HTML widgets, investigating fix
and still doesnt work with parallax

No new icons are added to your homescreen. You can configure options from your Settings app.

See below for a Video Demonstration


iOS 6 Fixes
Updated June 12, 2013
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.50
Video Demonstration
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