Peek and pop notifications in notification centre!
Requires an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

With 3DNotifications, you can lightly press on (certain types of) notifications in notification centre to bring up a preview displaying more content relevant to the notification. If the notification has any quick actions associated with it, then you can swipe up on the preview to access them. If you decide that you want to actually open the notification in the corresponding app, then just press a little deeper to pop into it. Alternatively you can swipe the preview off to the left to clear the notification (see screenshot 3).

3DNotifications currently supports:
- Messages notifications: Peek into the conversation history (see screenshot 2)
- Calendar event notifications: Peek into the event detail pane (see screenshot 1)
- Mail notifications: Peek at the entire message content. Unfortunately due to the way that data protection on the phone works, it isn't possible to peek at mail messages when the device is locked.
- Missed phone and FaceTime calls: Peek at the missed call information pane for the call.
- Apple Pay Card notifications: Peek at card info and transaction history

Expect more apps to be supported in future updates...

Note: This package requires a reboot to complete the installation.

No options to configure.


Updated November 30, 2015
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.50
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