The iOS 9 and 10 compatible successor of 3DSwitcher is here!

Bring your app switcher to the world of 3D with 3D Switcher! You'll never want to go back to 2D again.


7 Modes -
1. 3D Cards
2. Card Deck
3. CoverFlow
4. Inverse CoverFlow
5. Subtler Cover Flow
6. Inverse Subtler Cover Flow
7. 2D Cards (for those who really want the iOS 7 or 8 style switcher)

Icon Animations:
1. Fade Icons in the Switcher when panning
2. Scale Icons in the Switcher when panning
3. Roll Icons in the Switcher when panning
Configure options from Settings app.

Demo Video:

See larger Screenshots below..

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1. Performance Optimizations
2. Fix intermittent crash when closing apps
Updated May 1, 2017
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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