3DTN For WhatsApp (AKA 3D Touch Notifications For WhatsApp) allows you to preview the content of WhatsApp notifications on Notification Center or on lock screen without launching the actual app. And also it provides relevant preview actions for those notifications, where you can interact with the sender. If you want to open the WhatsApp with the notification, just press little harder on the notification will do the trick.

Works on all the devices running on iOS 9.

Works with lock screen notifications and Notification Center even device is locked.

Requires 3D Touch Notifications.

Note: To preview lock screen notifications, you just need to press (hold) on the notification and move your finger little up.

*Screenshots shown in the below section are rendered with Copic.

Note: If you are launching preview for first time and you see a blank preview then please allow 3DTN For WA for couple of seconds to pull the actual content.

See larger Screenshots below..

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What's new in 1.0.3

1. Added support for iOS 9.3.3.
2. Settings app showing same controls repeatedly for WhatsApp plugin.
3. Few enhancements and code optimizations.
Updated August 2, 2016
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