A 266 Collection: BossPaper Packs

Now compatible for all devices on all iOS versions. Not yet compatible with iPad (coming soon).

A 266 BossPaper Packs have been put together to specifically work with A 266 Collection & A 266 Quick

There 9 packs in total:
1. 266sd BP Colours
2. 266sd BP Chicago
3. 266sd BP Chicago BW
4. 266sd BP NewYork
5. 266sd BP NewYork BW
6. 266sd BP Paris
7. 266sd BP Paris BW
8. 266sd BP Toronto
9. 266sd BP Toronto BW

These packs look great with 266 or used as wallpapers with any theme!

More information on all the 266 themes can be found at iPhone266.com

© All graphics, images and photographs are copyright iPhone266. Photographs are owned outright by iPhone266 - all rights reserved. Unauthorised distribution of these files is prohibited.

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Updated March 15, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.50
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