This package is iOS3 ONLY
Get the iOS4-ready Collection here

As of March, 2011 this iOS3 version is deprecated. Please contact the author if you have questions.

A 266 Collection: 266 Quick

Important purchase info. A 266 Collection has now been split into 3 separate packages:
1. A 266 System
2. A 266 Quick (dependant on 266 System)
3. A 266 Panoramic (dependant on 266 System)

All 3 packages are the same great price for everything.
Buy 1, get access to them all!

This has been done so that you only need download your preferred theme.
You can still download all of the 266 themes

iOS 4 and iPhone 4 (non HD) ready.
266 has (finally!) been updated to support iOS 4 on all iPhones and iPods.

iOS 4 Users:
Please select the iOS 4 package in Winterboard after the update and deselect the non iOS 4 ones.

iOS 3 Users:
Continue as normal, no need to change anything.

Note for users with SBSettings date / free memory:
266 System now has 2 additional packages in Winterboard which you can activate if you have the date and/or free memory showing in your statusbar. Activate either '266 System iOS4 SBDate' or '266 System iOS4 SBDateMem' and place above '266 System iOS4'.

266 Quick - part of A 266 Collection.
266 Quick depends on 266 System which is THE most complete theme available!
Complete UI, Statusbars, Keypads, Apple Apps including full Calculator, Voice Memos, Messages, iPod, Dailer, Calendar, Safari, Mail, Settings, YouTube, Maps, Camera, Note !!!

Existing users say call 266 "a rocking theme", "Gimme, gimme!!!", "Love how you are still working on it to make it the best theme known to man" & "this is by far the best theme out there, new themes keep popping up but can't even touch this one. Keep up the great work!"

266 Quick uses Categories to limit the user interface to one screen making it very quick and easy to launch Apps whilst keeping your Springboard clear of clutter. Also includes a custom Springboard and Lockscreen.

Additional Packages.
Don't forget to search and download the other 266 packages that include:
266 Icon Packs (Ultimate [NEW!] plus v1 & v2)
266 Iconoclasm Layouts(38 Individual Layouts)

Complete installation guides and support can be found at iPhone266

See More Info below for Screenshots

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Updated March 15, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.50
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