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As of March, 2011 this iOS3 version is deprecated. Please contact the author if you have questions.

A 266 Collection: 266 System

A 266 Collection has now been split into 3 separate packages:
1. A 266 System
2. A 266 Quick
3. A 266 Panoramic

All 3 packages are still the same great pric for everything.
Buy 1, get access to them all!

This has been done so that you only need download your preferred theme.
You can still download all of the 266 themes


A massive update to A 266 Collection.

Existing users say call 266 "a rocking theme", "Gimme, gimme!!!", "Love how you are still working on it to make it the best theme known to man" & "this is by far the best theme out there, new themes keep popping up but can't even touch this one. Keep up the great work!"

Give your device a new lease of life! A great deal of thought has gone into the development of the iPhone 266 Collection which offers a stylish, alternative user interface with (possibly) the most complete, customised system available. The elegant design is minimal, clean and crisp and adds a sharp, stylish and professional feel to your iPhone.

v2.0 brings together:
Complete system skin
41 Flexible Winterboard Packages
8 Panoramic Packs
6 Quick Packs
9 BossPaper Packs
22 Custom Wallpapers
39 Iconoclasm Layouts
46 Category icons

New Calculator App skin (portrait & landscape)
New Voice Memos App skin
Complete Weather Icon theme
New Ultimate Icon Pack
Even greater user flexibility

Plus: Beta release of 266 Quick-er (second dock on Springboard for faster app access).

Check the change log for more details!
Complete installation guides and support can be found at

Big thanks to lutinvert and prgopala for their help with the Clock widget. More thanks to all the beta testers for 266 Quick-er, especially Mast3rShan3 for going above and beyond!

© All graphics, images and photographs are copyright iPhone266. Photographs are owned outright by iPhone266 - all rights reserved. Unauthorised distribution of these files is prohibited.

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Updated March 15, 2011
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.50
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