Compatible with iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11

A sexy highly customisable system wide volume HUD tweak for iOS 9 up to iOS 11 and with iPhone X support. Pick colors, animations, positions, show speed, hide speed, you name it, it got it. Get it while it's hot !

Configure options from Settings.


- Touch enabled (Drag & Tap) for changing the volume
- Fixed vibration missing while no vibration in settings, now it's always if enabled
- Fixed manual settings not being reset

-iOS 8 support enabled now!!!

- Added manual positioning and sizing for the HUD, place it anywhere on the screen, vertical or horizontal, separate position and size for portrait and landscape
-Fixed missing shadow on +/- signs

- Remade Settings screen without CepheiPrefs
- Fixed bug with Left/Right Anchor

Updates: Added "Reset all settings" button

- Changed default background color to clear color
- Fixed iPhone X HUD position bug
- Added option in settings from -/+ labels
- Added option for sizing the height of the HUD
- Added color picker instructions in settings

Bug fixes:
-White/clear nav bar in dark mode apps
-Animation glitch while showing/hiding
-Improved stability and overall covered more corner cases

New features:
-HUD background color
-HUD blur effect list
-Volume bar shadow opacity
-Volume bar width selection
-Changed sliders to segmented to be easier to use
-Volume bar thinner
Updated May 12, 2018
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