Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10

Display an alert with option to close application, relaunch application, dismiss switcher and cancel when you try to swipe application up through application switcher.

Ability to blacklist applications so the alert is only displayed for these applications.

Respring, Kill-All Applications (w/ white-list and option to not kill now playing application), and Cancel on home screen swipe up.

Run a Quick Action when you swipe down a card.

Disclaimer: Quick Action is untested on iOS 8

If the alert display comes underneath the application in the application switcher, respring your device.

This tweak was suggested by /u/Jpasholk from /r/jailbreak

Configure options from Settings.

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- fixed preference header disappearance issue
- added Quick Launch
- fixed default prefernce loading
- fixed disabling application from whitelist not taking effect
- changed blacklist to a whitelist (sorry for the inconvenience)
Updated March 25, 2017
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