Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

Important Notes:
- Icon theme used in screenshots is "Kvasir II", designed by Hoenir.
- If you experience a crash to Safe Mode it is most likely a conflicting Notification Center or Lockscreen tweak.

Andrios brings an Android-inspired experience to your iOS Device. It offers multiple features that not only have “functionality” but “style” inspired from the Android Lollipop & KitKat OS, allowing the most requested features of Android to become a reality on iOS.

*All features can be enabled/disabled*

•Action Bar - Fully functional navigation bar, contains a Back Button (triangle): press to go back to previous app, a Home Button (circle): simulates a home button press ("double tap" to open app switcher, "hold" to activate Siri), and a Switcher Button (square): opens the app switcher (“hold" to clear all apps). This feature pushes up the screen to fit the action bar (works with most apps).

•Alternate NC - A redesigned Notification Center containing various toggles with labels that when pressed will take you to its respective preference pane in the settings app, it also includes a brightness sliders & redesigned notifications, as well as a “clear all notifications button”.

•Miniplayer Widget - A simple widget that allows you to control your music from anywhere. It contains album art, scrolling song & album titles, along with pause/play, previous track, & next track buttons. Press the album art to go to “Now Playing” app, & double tap anywhere on the Miniplayer Widget to push it over to the right side of the screen.

•Power Menu - A pop-up menu that can replace the stock power-down screen, it includes options to power down, toggle airplane mode, respring, & reboot. An alert will show & ask you to confirm if you press one of those options. It also includes three small buttons at the bottom: •Silent Mode - turns off ringer, vibration, & lowers volume, •Vibration Mode - turns on just vibration, & •Sound Mode - turns on ringer & vibration.

•Search Widget - A draggable homescreen Google search bar widget with a built-in web browser. The browser contains options to go back, go forward, go to the Google homepage, & open the current webpage in Safari. The text you type in the search bar will be searched in Google and opened in the browser. You can hold the google icon to lock the widdget in place, and hold it again to unlock it.

•Switches Widget - A draggable homescreen widget that has 5 options to toggle Wifi, Bluetooth, Location, Do Not Disturb, & Auto-brightness, which are some of the most used settings. Simply tap on a switch to toggle that option. You can hold the widget to lock it in place, and hold it again to unlock it.

•Volume Slider - A HUD that replaces the intrusive stock iOS volume HUD equivalent with a slider that fades in at the top of the screen. The Volume Slider can invoked by simply changing the volume any way on your iOS Device, as it replaces the stock volume HUD. To adjust the volume, drag the circle icon on the HUD. It will auto dismiss once you have finished adjusting the volume.

•Extras - Invert the color of the navigation bars in all apps, adds a more colorful approach to iOS.

We do not in any way own any contents of Android. We in no way ported, copied, or re-wrote and of Android Open Source Project. "Andrios" code was written purely from scratch using Objective-C, which is the primary programming language of Apple iOS.


*Icon Theme in screenshots is "Kvasir II" designed by Hoenir, you can get it from*

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- Fixed Action Bar - It will now show when enabling it in preferences. IF IT STILL DOES NOT SHOW, PLEASE REBOOT YOUR DEVICE.

- Support iOS 9
- Killed a serious amount of bugs.
- Cleaned up a lot of code.
- Added ability to lock widgets in place by holding them, and unlock by holding them again.
- Widgets actually do what they are meant to do now, stay on the homescreen. They are hidden when an app or anything else is opened on the homescreen.
- Action bar is very simple now. It acts how it should on Android by pushing up the screen at all times. (works with most apps, but for some reason does not with safari).
- Added option to keep default iOS blur in Notification Center.
- Default tab when NC is opened is now the "Today" tab.
- Completely fixed all Search Widget bugs (removed buggy resizing).
- Fixed video rotation lock bug.
- Removed activator settings for certain widgets.
- Removed "lock animation" and "hold homescreen to open switcher" (they are no longer compatible with iOS 9)
- Changed "respring" button in preferences to "save" button which automatically resprings.
- Added one time welcome message for new and existing customers.
- Have fun! We love you guys, and hope you enjoy this update of Andrios. If you have any bugs to report please email us through the support button in preferences, or contact us on twitter. Thank you!

Updated December 8, 2015
License Commercial Package
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