Requires iOS 6 or higher

With iOS 6, we have a brand new feature "Remind Me Later".But it is only used for in coming calls & face times. AnyReminder integrates the "Remind Me Later" feature into iOS Mail, Safari, Messages, Lock screen Notifications.

Do you often forget to response to a text and mail from someone,or to view a web site and notifications. With this tweak you will never forget the important information again.

1.Two options for "Later":In 1 hour or When I leave (location based reminders requires iPhone 4S and newer).
2.Quick action in Reminders(tap the title of reminder to quickly open web sites or text someone).
3.Store message content or notification content in reminder's notes.
4.Compatible with biteSMS.
5.Dismiss a notification on lock screen.
6.Delete notification when dismiss.
7.Dim screen when dismiss notification.
8.Activate "Clear Notifications" button using Camera Grabber.

Configure options from Settings app.

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1.Double tap to remind:double tap a notification to activate the "Remind Me Later" Action.
2.For LockInfo 5 users:you can use "Double Tap" feature for lock screen notification.
3.For IntelliScreenX users:you should turn on "Lock Slide Actions" to use "Remind Me Later" for lock screen notification.And the "Clear Notifications" function can't clear the notifications showed in IntelliScreenX.
4.Fix the text back bug with email address.
5.Add Turkish localization。
6.Crash bug fixed.
Updated March 20, 2013
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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