Compaitble with iOS 7.x
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Launch Spotlight from anywhere!

A new FlipSwitch to show Spotlight from any place in the system.

Package sponsored by @PRNDLDevStudios
Source code is available on Github

- Landscape mode is not supported in this release

Configure via settings and assign FlipSwitch via Settings -> Activator.
It is strongly encouraged to disable Activator banners.

See more Screenshots below.

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+ Rewrote dynamic header code with new settings
+ Better landscape support It still isn't perfect so bug bounty is still live!

+ Better landscape support for iPad (still not perfect - "bug bounty" still in effect)

A respring may be needed to apply settings. Please toggle settings and/or respring if something doesn't appear to be working.

Developers: $50 "bug bounty" for proper landscape support. Check out the GitHub page for more information.

Updated January 21, 2015
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