The Multi-Functions with OneClick (From Everywhere), floating virtual button.
Supports iPhone/iPad iOS8 Only For Now
Languages (Arabic, English)

• Quick Compose (WhatsApp)
send WhatsApp message anytime you want

• Quick Compose (iMessage)
send iMessage/sms message without quitting the current app

• Quick Compose (Mail)
send mail without quitting the current app

• Quick Compose (Twitter)
share a text to twitter with just a single press.

• Quick Compose (Facebook)
post on facebook anytime and everywhere

• Direct Message (image) for Twitter
choose a picture to send it by DM to one of your twitter's followers

• Share System Files (with supported apps)
share/upload any file from your system files to apps supports your file type

• Share Music from your iPod Library (with WhatsApp and others)
edom your music library limitation and share your music files with other apps

• Share Photos
taken an screenshot or saved an image from app then needs to share it, this option let you share your photos without quitting the current app

• Switches Panel
who's don't like switches ? even @NoelielDev like it (so this is a panel page contents all your switches installed on your device)

• Camera
faced an awesome view and needs to capture it without quitting your app, here is a solution

• Search
search on the most important sites with one click (mores comes also)

• Respring

• Rebot

• Shutdown

• SafeMode

• Clean UICache

• Notes
those options is the first ones ( if you have any suggests or need to see another option within the tweak [ just email me from the about developer page inside Tweak's settings ] )
So i just need to say this tweak tested on a lot of devices ( iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, iPad Mini, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ ) all of them running iOS8.. so i hope you like this tweak.

• Settings
Tutorial panel existe in Settings Page just next to share button on top right

Configure options from Settings


- fixed error 35165
- fixed conflicts with Cydia Enable ;)

no one can force me to change my opinion about piracy ( i'm against the piracy forever as i said before )
so i'm really SORRY but if u want to test my tweaks, i said it also before u can ask me a free version if u cannot pay it,

best wishes
Updated February 20, 2015
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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