Compatible with iOS 10

Allows you to add apps as pages in Control Center

# App Center

We’ve all been there. Chatting with a friend while trying to keep up with the social media timeline, that casual game or the latest news headlines. More often than not, you find yourself repeating the same sequence of click, tap, tap, clicka-click, tap in order to switch between two or more apps. What if this could be reduced to just one swipe?
Introducing App Center.

# Features

- A new page in Control Center presents your recently used apps to you.
- Tap an app to add it as an app page inside Control Center, granting instant access every time you open Control Center.
- Tap and hold to open the app in full screen.
- Efficient handling prevents wasting of battery life and system resources.
- Open source

App Center is an open source tweak, and will be released on GitHub a few days after release.

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Update 1.0.5 wanted to be a bugfix update when it was a kid but has grown to also include a number of new features! (so basically like Kinder Uberraschung but less of a choke hazard)
The update is recommended for users of all ages. (especially Horseshoe users)

New features and improvements

Added compatibility with Horseshoe by ATWiik. Thanks to him for guiding us in the right direction. On the note of compatibility, the developer of Xen Lockscreen added basic compatibility with App Center in version 0.3.6 of his tweak.
Added a "remove all pages" button to the settings pane. Among other things, this helps if you accidentally add an app to App Center that resprings your device. That being said, you should consider not doing that in the first place.
Beefed up both the aesthetics and user-friendliness of the preferences pane. There are now nicer icons, more explanatory texts and better localization! It's a win-win-win!
Save the bees, kill the bugs!

Improved compatibility with Noctis by LaughingQuoll. The search icon now adapts to dark mode properly but the search bar still doesn't. Sorry about that!
Optimized the code to be more expandable and future-proof.
Did you know?

For 0.5 seconds after you swipe to an app page, all touches are redirected to Control Center. That means you can swipe anywhere, even on the app, and still get to the next page quickly.
Tap and hold to open an app normally! This works for all apps, even ones currently open as a page. They will remain open as a page.
You can use apps that you added as an app page normally (e. g. launch from the home screen). App Center doesn't hijack your apps to show them in a page, it tries to be friendly and sensitive at all times.
Updated February 27, 2017
License Commercial Package
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