Compatible with iOS 9 and 10

Appcon is a tweak that allows you to easily replace any app icon with an image from your photo library or directly from a URL.

Simply tap on the icon for which you want to replace the image while in edit (wiggle) mode, choose an image from your photo library or enter an image URL and the icon image will be replaced. Before applying the image, you can also crop and rotate it so it perfectly fits your needs. You can also apply an image to all currently visible icons or to all icons in a folder, the image will be automatically sliced in smaller pieces and applied for the icon images.

You can also backup your current custom icons in the icon library and quickly restore them whenever you want. Custom icons in the icon library can be stored in multiply directories which allows you to have different setups of custom icons in an organized way.

Replace the images of your app icons which you don’t like or make icon images fit your theme and personalize your device even more.

Appcon does NOT require Winterboard or Anemone.

Works on all iOS devices with iOS 9.0+.
Configure options from Settings app

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- Fixed an issue with Iconizer, ColorBanners2 and ColorBadges
- Fixed some missing system-wide icon replacements under Settings -> iCloud

Added Icon Library where users can store icon setups, quickly backup and restore custom icons, and choose single icon images to directly apply to icons
- It is now possible to disable the system-wide icon replacement
- It is now possible to choose between partial or full custom icon size for folders
- It is now possible to render the current date on a custom calendar icon with the color of your choice
- Fixed issues with Springtomize icon effects (and probably with other tweaks too)
- Fixed icon glitches for replaced apps in App Switcher and Notification Center on iOS9
- Fixes a crash on iOS9 which occurred when a Safari bookmark icon was tapped
- Fixed some missing system-wide icon replacements under Settings -> Privacy and the Siri App Prediction widget
- Fixes some small bugs
Updated March 1, 2017
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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