Compatible with iOS 6 and 7

AppInfo displays informations about installed apps, repo/packages and native apps (like Messages) with export options. AppInfo can also explore your iPod's Library and knows in which folder are your songs.
Possibility to send song by email.

    Features :
  • List AppStore Apps, sort alpha, by size or by date
  • List of Sources and Packages, sort alpha or by date
  • List of Cydia App, Native app, Webapp, Contacts, Messages (SMS and iMessage), Calendar, Reminders Notes, iBooks
  • List of iPod songs and possibility to send a song by email
  • Export all lists by email
  • Possibility to enable/disable AppStore update
  • Possibility to calculate all sizes of apps
  • Possibility to export all your Messages (SMS & iMessage)
  • Possibility to copy song or entire albums from iPod's Library
  • Available in Deutsch, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Croatian, Portuguese, Swedish, Czech and Turkish.
  • iOS6 & iOS7 compatible, 4-inch screen compatible

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- Fixed a bug who caused crash at startup for some users (thanks to David, Bobby, Derek, Reeiiko, Zeeshaan for testing and all users who send me crash log and syslog)

  • iOS6 & iOS7 compatibility and 4-inch screen support
  • New icon app, redesigned with new iOS7 style and icons
  • Landscape mode supported
  • Order AppStore App by installation/update date
  • Order Packages by installation/update date
  • Disable/enable Appstore update for an app (only AppInfo can re-enable disabled apps)
  • Calculate size of one app from app list now in background task
  • Export Apps and Packages in order of sorting
  • iMessage added to Messages (with blue background)
  • Pagination in Messages (with an option in Settings for the number of message by page)
  • Reminders added, added a filter in Calendar
  • Added an option in Settings to choose date Format
  • New contact form in Credits
  • Swedish, Czech and Turiksh languages added (Thanks to Kim, Filip and Ersin !)
  • Fixed bug when all size of apps calculating completed
  • Fixed bug with scroll-to-letter in AppStore tab
  • Fixed bug with some icons not displayed in AppStore tab
  • Fixed bug in Package tab where some packages wasn't listed (i.e grep)
  • Fixed bug in Message, Calendar and iBooks due to iOS6-7 database changes
  • Big Up to my friend Nadjem for testing !
Updated February 25, 2014
License Free Package
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