AppLocket will allow you to select individual apps or every app top lock with either a password or a gesture. The default password is "alpine" (without quotes). Report any bugs to No spam please. I hope you enjoy this tweak

There are 11 ways of activating the app, and 6 display methods for the alerts. The main two activations are up twice and down once on the volume rocker (lock), and down twice and up once (unlocked).

If you find any bugs email me them, no spam please

Sorry for the false advertising of the app, I will be adding back all of the old features

See More Info below for Screenshots

More Information

    v 3.2.1
  • Rearranged Preferences, made preferences more stable.
  • Added a switch to change to numeric mode and back without having to log in in case you accidentally switched.
  • Added options to lock the search, moving and deleting apps and to power down the device.
  • Now you can rely solely on gestures to lock and unlock apps, and ignore the password altogether, in case you liked this feature from back in the old days of AppLocket.
  • Also you can now lock all apps. So you can lock all apps and turn off the password to have AppLocket work like it used to.
    v 3.1
  • Works on 4.0/4.1
  • Added numeric code lock
  • Added locking folders
Updated November 25, 2010
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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