Compatible with iOS 7 and 8

For 8.4+ Music, try Aria 2.

Aria: making Music app the way it should have been.

Aria aims to improve the user experience of the Apple's Music app bringing some of the most wanted features, bug and annoyances fixing.

- Queuing: just hold down a song to get three options: play now, next, last.
- Grids: Albums and Artists can be shown as a grid.
- Now Playing view: can be customized to show an Apple's Remote like appearance.
- Endless playing: when the current playing album (or queue) ends, shuffled playing starts
- Lyrics view: darker with a bigger font
- More: round volume knob, pink tint replacement, faster repeat mode selection, ...

* Tweaks like Colorflow might interfere with the New Playing view customization

Configure options from Settings app.

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Improved the "swipe back" gesture recognition

Updated September 12, 2015
License Commercial Package
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