Compatible with iOS 12

An updated version of BatteryPercent12, with a new name. It works with all devices (including A12 devices). (works on any other device that has a modern status bar enabled, see below)

* iOS 12 and Arm64e/A12 device support.
* Very light-weight tweak (uses already built-in code).
* It enables the percentage inside the icon in springboard, lock screen and in all apps.
* The battery's icon will turn green when charging and orange when LPM is on.
* hides the inline charging indicator.
* hides the stock percentage in the control center.
* Optimized to work for white and dark backgrounds.

This is a separate package because I lost the source code for the original one and I had to build it from scratch.

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Requires a modern statusbar (such as the iPhone X and the iPad statusbar, for older devices use it with a tweak like StatusBarXS from my repo:

There are no options to configure.

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Updated May 15, 2019
License Free Package
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