Requires iOS 8
Also available, Asphaleia (iOS 7)

Asphaleia for iOS 8

Conceptualized & Designed by Sentry
Coded & Developed by evilgoldfish

Asphaleia provides a beautiful security system for your apps and more, coupled with an unparalleled level of user configurability.

Whether you use the gorgeously animated fingerprint scanning or the clean passcode input UI, accessing your secured apps is as straightforward as it is elegant.

Asphaleia also lets you secure apps dynamically without opening settings. Simply use Touch ID or an Activator Action in an app to add it to your secured apps list. The Asphaleia Control Panel can also be used to quickly enable or disable security for your selected apps, or all apps.

Secure various system functions as well such as app arranging, app previews, slide to power off, control center, spotlight, multitasking, and many more coming in updates.

Also included in Asphaleia are a plethora of options that let you customize exactly what you want to secure how you want to secure it. This includes letting you set authentication intervals, redefine unlock behaviors, various Activator Actions, and many more convenient settings.

Asphaleia is compatible with all devices running iOS 8 and is partially compatible with iOS 7 devices.

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Fixed iOS freezing when opening an app URI.

Added more API changes - now fully compatible with Auxo Legacy Edition.
Fixed a bug when unlocking to a notification.
Added individual fingerprint recognition.

Fix for missing dependencies

Fixed settings panel failing to open.

Fixed crash when opening folders on 8.3 and below.

Added photo library protection.
Added folder protection.
Added settings panel protection.
Added Flipswitch protection.
Added Flipswitch.
Added a notification obscuring toggle.
Fixed a crash for non-Touch ID users when a notification appeared.
Changed API.
Fixed more Activator issues.
Fixed the passcode view not appearing more than once.
Optimised app obscuring.
Fixed passcode view not appearing on the lock screen.
Rewrote settings panel.
Fixed VirtualHome bugs.
Fixed notification banners requiring you to authenticate twice.
Fixed all Control Panel issues.

Updated August 17, 2015
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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