Tested on iOS 8, might not work on earlier versions.

AutoAirPlay is an Activator plugin that connects to the first audio only AirPlay speaker. If that fails, it tries to connect to the first AirPlay device (i.e one that supports video).

This is very useful when your car has an AirPlay system installed (I'll have a blog post on that later on, basically TP-Link TL-MR3040 with DAC + OpenWRT + Shairport, why not Bluetooth? The adapter I had crackled with two iPhone 6s, the audio quality is also way better), this simply restores the convenience of auto connecting as with Bluetooth.

Configure options from Settings.

Source code available on Github


The following options are now configurable:
* Delay when using Activator Wi-Fi event.
* Preferred speaker name.
* Preferred speaker password.
* Audio-only priority.
* Text to speech when connected.
* Retry count.
Updated January 10, 2015
License Free Package
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