Not compatible with iOS 5

Do you usually enable the location switch only when you use an application that requires location services? Have you ever forgotten to enable location after launching the application? That's enough! Auto Location is for you! This tweak automatically enables and disables location services only when needed.

For example, when you launch the Navigon gps application or any gps tracker, Auto Location will automatically enable location services; and if you close the app, the tweak will immediately disable location services if there is no need to use location updates anymore.

Auto Location detects the apps that need location services by using your settings in General > Location Services.

Auto Location is also compatible with any intentional settings, it doesn't override location set by other tweaks. For example, if you schedule location to be active during hours of work, Auto Location will never disable it if you use and quit an application that requires location services.

    How to use Auto Location with Find My iPhone:
  • 1/ Follow this guide to set up and enable Find My iPhone
  • 2/ Go to Settings >> General >> Location Services and disable Location. If you get an alert saying that you can't use Find My iPhone anymore, don't care about this (Auto Location will do the job), so click on the Turn off button!
  • 3/Now on your iPhone, if everything is fine, you should have Find My iPhone enabled and Location disabled. Give it a try with Auto Location to find your iPhone:
  • a/ Connect to the site
  • b/ Select your device and click on Display Message or Play Sound. Tape this magic message "silence is killing me" (without quotation mark!! and no new line or space after the word me) and sent the message to your iPhone! After confirmation, click on OK. Your device is now located on the map !!! (note that the message doesn't appear on your device)

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    For support, suggestion or discussion, follow me on Twitter @Eimji (link is below)

    There is no new icon after installation, and there are no options to configure


In this version 1.0.4:
- Support of first launch of apps: no need to go to Settings to authorize an app to use location services. By default, With Auto Location,
- Bug fix when swapping between apps.
Updated January 16, 2012
License Free Package
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