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Autopano is a widget for the notification center that allow you to automatically take panoramic photos using the vibration system of your iPhone. It supports any app with this feature and also the native function introduced by Apple in iOS 6 (if you are using the native function the capture mode must be from right to left).

You only need to...
1. Select if you want to take a 180° or 360° panoramic photo.
2. Select the time after which your iPhone will automatically start to rotate.
3. Place your iPhone in an upright position on a level and smooth surface.

* CLAP ACTIVATION: you can start the auto-rotation only clapping your hands (it's possible to activate this feature using the apposite button).

* STABILITY RECOGNITION SYSTEM: if your iPhone's position is unstable the device will not start to vibrate avoiding a possible fall.

* AUTO-BREAK: you can break the vibration by just picking up your device.

To be sure that the automatic rotation works go to SETTINGS->SOUNDS and TURN ON "Vibrate on ring" and "Vibrate on silent"

Automatic rotation requires iPhone 5.

NotificationCenter addons can be enabled from the Settings app, in the Notifications panel

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- bug fix

- better stability recognition algorithm

Updated June 17, 2013
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