Compatible with iOS 8 - 12.

Comfort solution for uncomfortable situations

Forgot each time when you walk into a conference room and silent your device? Embarrassed when your device rings and everybody stares at you in the middle of a discussion? Well then this amazing tweak is for you!! Just install it then leave the rest to it. Works tightly with your Calendar and silence (reduce the noice till the very minimum level) your device based on your meetings in the calendar.

Unlimited Profiles:- Create unlimited profiles and customise them based on your needs. Each profile has its own custom features that will be applied when it becomes active, so create and set your preferences carefully.

Trusted Networks:- Works with trusted networks. Choose a network on your active Auto SilentMe profile and when your iDevice connected to a network then it will be silence automatically. Useful when you are connecting to your office/professional networks.

Do Not Disturb:- When you don’t want bother about incoming calls or message, even you can apply Do Not Disturb mode when a profile becomes active.

Status bar Alert:- When a profile becomes and it has ‘Show on StatusBar’ enabled then Auto SilentMe shows a small icon on your status bar that indicates that currently the device is Auto SilentMe mode.

Customise Calendars:- When you don’t want Auto SilentMe to apply on all your calendars events, you can choose what you want. Also you can ignore ‘All Day’ events in your calendar.

Note: Due to the user experience scenarios, volume is reduced to very low level (0.06*).

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1. Added support for iOS 12
2. Added support for A12 devices.
Updated May 14, 2019
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