Compatible with iOS 5 and 6
This release bring compatibility for iOS 6 for all iPhones except iPhone 5.

Another spectacular tweak from DRComputer "Awesome" series.

***** SUPPORTING iMessage! *****

With AQM you can:
1. Read and reply iMessages and SMSs from any places of your iPhone with an iOS-like popup style without switching or closing the app you are in!

2. Reply iMessages and SMSs directly from Lockscreen, sliding the usual message banner to open the popup;

3. Open a Quick Compose popup (with an Activator gesture) to send your iMessages and SMSs quickly from everywhere (this feature support the other DRComputer tweak "VMK+Groups" to send SMS to a group very fast);

4. Both Quick Reply and Quick Compose are fully customizable (with presetted skins or custom combination colors).

Note1: a settings icon will be added to SpringBoard
Note2: iMessages from Quick Compose can be sent (for now) only to a telephone number, not to an email address (Quick Reply instead works with all)
Note3: this tweak as been tested only with Latin characters (oriental languages may have some unknown issues)
Note4: Crashes or bad behaviors are caused by the interaction with other tweaks. We cannot grant full compatibility with other tweaks.
Note5: If you reply to an iMessage, all those previously received from the same contact are marked as read. We are working to fix this.

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Fixed a bug where iMessage was forced also for non iPhone users

Support for iPhone 5

This release bring compatibility for iOS 6 for all iPhones

Updated April 10, 2013
License Commercial Package
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