Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

Badgomizer is an all-in-one tweak which gives you full control over the icon accessories. Personalize your device even more by customizing every little detail of badges, close boxes and even the new dots.

With Badgomizer you can fine tune the accessories:
- Color
- Shape
- Position
- Size
- Rotation
- Opacity

You can also add border or glow to the icon accessories.

For each of the icon accessories you can choose from many presets or set your own custom values. You can create themes and share them. There are already 10 ready to use themes included. Conditional themes allow you to change just the accessories which badge value is equal or exceeds your predefined one. And if you can’t decide how to customize the accessories then just use the random function to randomize the values.
Change the standard iOS style badges, close boxes and new dots to completely custom ones.
The only limit is your imagination, take full control and change the boring accessories to fancy ones.

Badgomizer does NOT require Winterboard.

Works on all iOS devices with iOS 8.0+.
Configure options from Settings app

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- Fixed an issue where folder badges would not return to default after disabling the tweak
- Fixed an issue where default values would be wrong

- Added new variations for automatic color (only dark colors, only bright colors)
- Fixed an issue where the custom settings would not be applied to badges with text
- Fixed an issue where badges would not properly stretch
- Fixed an issue in preferences

Updated August 29, 2016
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.99
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