Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

BatteryFlow allows you to completely customize your 'Low Battery' alerts.

You're sick of the annoying popups when your battery is low? You want a banner when your battery is low? You don't want an alert when your battery is low? So, BatteryFlow was made for you!

The features of BatteryFlow are:

- You can choose between an alert, a banner or remove completely the alert.

- You can customize the title, the message and the button of the alert, or customize the title and the message of the banner. (You can preview the popup alerts)

- You can have a vibration and/or a sound when your battery is low (when the alert or the banner shows up)

- You can have an alert for 5 different percentages or less

- You can display the percentage in your alert by putting ā€œ%pā€ in the preferences

Source code on GitHub

Configure options from the Settings app


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Added iOS 9 compatibility
You can pull down the banners to see two buttons: Low Power mode and Airplane mode (touch them to activate the corresponding mode) (This will not work on iOS 8 and below)
Updated November 20, 2015
License Free Package
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