Ever wondered how you're using the battery of your iOS device? Does your battery need replacement? BatteryLogger Plus will answer these and more questions by keeping track of your battery level in the background* and presenting the data to you in graphical form.

  • Smooth and intuitive interface.
  • Store and view a virtually unlimited number of measurements.
  • Log battery status in the background in iOS4 on supported devices.
  • Navigate through all your battery history by dragging, zooming in (double tap), and zooming out (two-finger tap).
  • tap any datapoint to view additional details including charge rate, drain rate, and time spent charging the battery.
  • view statistics including the load-cycles of your battery and the total amount of watts used.
  • keep track of the exact amount of load-cycles of your new iPhone.
  • iPad support!

Basic usage instructions:
- new measurements are added whenever the battery-level or battery-state (running on battery, charging, etc.) changes.
- new measurements are added while batteryLogger is in the background*! Just keep the application open to log all battery events.
- navigate the graph by swiping left or right.
- zoom the time scale with a double tap (zoom-in), or a two-finger tap (zoom-out).
- pinch works too!
- view load cycles & more in the 'statistics' tab.
- Using heavy applications? - Check regularly whether the app is still running.

* Background logging only supported in iOs4 on devices with multitasking. No multitasking-enabled device? Use Backgrounder to log in the background anyway.

Graphical application design by Martijn Traa / Mindcontrolled
Custom tab-bar icons from the Glyphish set by Joseph Wain

See More Info below for screenshots

More Information

- Loads of bugfixes
- Made to run correctly on ios6+ ipads.
- ios7 ready for devices that support it.
Updated January 19, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 1.50
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