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Compatible with iOS 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Battivator is a tweak designed to save and extend battery life on your iOS device.
With Battivator it is possible to setup custom profiles, which will trigger at predefined actions like a specified battery level or device state, and turn off, turn on or toggle various system settings. Configure your device to automatically disable wifi, mobile data and handoff at a specified battery percentage or if your battery is in a critical level the device will automatically kill all background apps and even send an SMS/iMessage with the current battery percentage. Choose from various actions which are grouped in the following categories:

- Power Saving,
- Sounds & Vibration
- User Notifications
- Extras

All actions are specially chosen and prepared to work on every iOS device in both, standby (including deep sleep) and in use, to extend the battery life as much as possible.
Decide by yourself what system settings you want to disable based on your needs and get notified when a certain battery level is reached.

Additionally the tweak includes a fully customizable Low Power Mode which you can toggle anytime with a button on the power down screen, low battery popup, flipswitch or in the preferences. You can decide by yourself what settings or features should be disabled in the low power mode in order to extend the battery life of your iOS device when you need it.

The tweak also includes a basic logging feature, which logs every battery percentage drop or rise and every action which Battivator is performing giving you a detailed overview of your battery usage.

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- Minor bug fix
-Added A12 devices support
Updated May 5, 2019
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