** Caller Id: Instantly knowing who is calling before you pickup
all* countries are supported including US with all Carriers
Wifi, 3G or 4G required

** Call Blocker: Block unwanted phone calls.
You can block or hide any phone numbers instantly
Very easy, just add the phone number to block and no more annoying calls will be received
You can unblock the phone number anytime later, just swipe to delete the blocked number

** SMS Sender Id: Shows you the SMS sender name
You will get notified of the SMS sender name by popup and by push notification

** Phone numbers Lookup: Quick search for phone numbers, locally and international numbers are supported
Unlimited* Lookups for Mobile & landline numbers worldwide

** Manage Contacts: Add to contacts feature and much more:
directly make phone calls, send sms, etc..

** Get notified:
Caller ID Best is the first app to notify you by push notifications of your calls,
whether your phone is screen locked or no, you will see who called you or who sent you SMS on your iphone screen

* Blocked calls
* Missed Calls - Caller Id
* SMS - Sender name
* Received calls - Caller Id

** call Logs:
* You will never miss a caller id or caller name.
All your incoming caller Ids will be saved to app Logs
All your incoming SMS sender names will be saved to app Logs
* Track how many times a phone number was blocked

** people you may know: A cool feature to get in touch with others

** Update your name: Choose your desired name to show for public

** Hide your number: You can hide your number from the directory for free

whats new : Instant Caller Id enhancement

App added to home screen.

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Changes Made : Bug fixes
Updated February 4, 2016
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