Compatible with iOS 8, 9 and 10.

Add protection to your Apps, Folders, Notifications, Switches and Settings with a Touch ID and(or) passcode.

The best in class, light weight and a beautiful protector for your iPhone content. Add extra layer protection to your content by just few clicks.

Photos Biolock: Add extra layer of protection to your Photos and no apps cannot access your photos without your permission.

Notifications Biolock: Biolock your lock screen notifications and Notification Center notification with simple clicks. Until unless you authorize nobody cannot view or delete them.

FlipSwitches Biolock: Biolock your FlipSwitches being used by others until you authenticate.

Passcode: Sometimes TouchID might not able to detect or allow your fingerprint (in case device is locked due continuous failed unlock attempts, etc). In such cases set up a password protection so that you can authenticate a Biolocked item with a passcode too. Please note this password is not your iDevice password.

3D Touch Biolock: If an app or folder is Biolocked then its respective 3D Touch is also Biolocked and requires your authentication in oder to see its 3D Touch menu.

Biolock Apps from 3D Touch: Its elegant way to biolock your apps and folder with single click.

Note: The requires a reboot after successful installation
Configure options from Settings.

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1. Setting are showing unable to load the settings bundle.
2. App Switcher protection is not working as expected in iOS 10.
Updated August 10, 2017
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