Compatible with iOS 4.2, 5, 6, 7 and 8

Bluetooth OBEX File Sharing for your iOS devices.

1. Zero configuration
2. Native Bluetooth pairing, do not have to re-pair your device when using iOS native Bluetooth
3. High speed Bluetooth transimision, up to 1.7 MB/s
4. Automatically shutdown Bluetooth when transmission done to save power
5. Transfer files over WiFi connection, it's possible to transfer a video file in a few seconds (iOS to iOS)
6. Automatically create a WiFi hotspot for transmission when no WiFi available (iOS to iOS, large file)
7. Send from Notes/Photos/Videos /Music/Contacts/Voice Memos ...
8. Send any file from applications support "Open in ..."
9. Import received files to Contacts/Photos
10. Import received files to applications support "Open in ..."
11. Send/receive multiple files simultaneously
12. Sent/received notification sounds
13. Compatible with Mac OS X, Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, Nokia, Android, Blackberry and other Bluetooth enabled phones
14. Native stack support
15. Fully integrated with Notification Center

1. To send files to other device, make sure the remote device is discoverable. And enable file transfer/receiving on the remote device when necessary.

2. Receiving is disabled by default. You can double tap on the status bar to enable receiving. (The activation method can be changed in Settings/AirBlue Sharing)

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- Enhance send from Music

- Send from Music
- Import music

- 8.3/8.4 support(Musics not ready)

Updated July 17, 2015
License Commercial Package
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