Compatible with iOS 8, 9 ,10 and 11. No options to configure

Bolders ~ bigger bolder folders!

Bolders revamps the current iOS 10 folders with a fresh & clean style that takes up the entire screen. Columns & rows are determined by your device size to ensure consistently clean results.

This tweak draws some inspiration from a concept by Reddit /u/Xephia , you can find a link to that here

Enjoy -candoizo


0.0.4-1 > 0.0.4-2

Applied new-age injector logic to Meridian users, hopefully all covered for now

0.0.4 > 0.0.4-1

hotfix for crashes on some devices

0.0.3-1 > 0.0.4

Changed source of calculations to accommodate new injectors
Updated March 17, 2018
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