Compatible with iOS 8.x-11.x+
Bolders: Bigger, bolder folders!

Bolders is a lightweight tweak designed to extend stock folders to the edge of every screen without disrupting the established aesthetics of iOS; Enjoy more apps per page, a quick count of the contents, all without friction in a smooth-as-stock interface.

No options to configure.


--- 1.0.1

- Bugfixes for iPhone SE / iPads
- Standardizes label placement
- Fixes a rounding error in the font sizing

--- 1.0:

- Now with help from IconSupport, folders should preserve/restore the layout across reboots
- Fixed a crash on iOS 11 for some new installations
- Added compatibility for iOS 8
- Implemented adjustments for newer screen design
- Fixed some layout issues with iPad
- Adjust some landscape layouts
- Improved performance / squashed bugs

--- Note:
please forward image / video / reproducible issues along with whatever info you find pertinent to my email on the tweak page and I will certainly take note for future improvements, meanwhile your patience is always appreciated. thanks for installing & enjoy! -candoizo
Updated February 9, 2019
License Free Package
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