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Supports all iPhones and iPads on iOS 8-111

Meet the BOO - BOOOM Star! This is not a dark or black theme.

Rainbow of colors, sprays, splashes, gradient, glow and much more on a brightly dark background in topic at once!

Theme full features: 200+ icons, 20+ alt icons, nice dock, 3 colored badge, 2 AnemoneEffects, statusbar and 2 respring logo.

Write to me on the mail and ill try to add your icons already in the next update. If it is not difficult, send and BundleID.

- Hey boy, are you a pirate? -_- Im following you. I will come and put you in a corner)).

I want to say a BIG thank you to Attair57 for the gorgeous AE.

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This item is now Free.

Updated March 19, 2019
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