Requires iOS 5 or higher

BrowseInApp, a tweak that can open links in app without switching to Safari.

It supports opening a website or store link directly in the apps that do not include a built-in browser, such as Mail, Messages, WhatsApp. You will no longer be redirected to Safari that will continuously consume memory on your device and slow it down until you manually close it.

    Full version includes the following features:
  • Full-featured browser
  • Image viewer: View and download image in the image viewer with zooming support.
  • Minimization: Minimizing the browser within the app makes you easier to control inside the instant messaging apps
  • Theme: Include four browser themes (Default, Silver, Grey and Black).
  • Excluded apps: Disable the functionality of this tweak in the specific apps.

Get BrowseInApp now to save your time and avoid such annoying and slow method!

Configure options from Settings app.

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- Add new features! (see description)
- Fix known bugs (crash when playing video, etc.)
- Support saving images in browser
- Improve stability
Updated January 2, 2013
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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