Compatible with iOS 8, 9, 10 and 11

I have not tested on iPad yet but i fear it does not work there.
Somehow and in some circumstances ByeFolderName doesn't work properly with betterFiveIconDock tweak.

ByeFolderName is a simple tweak giving you the possibility to hide the names of the all Folders displayed outside and inside just with one tap :)

ByeFolderName is my third tweak (after the release of ByeBadges and ByeLens) that i have compiled again just on my iPhone 6, so i really hope you are going to appreciate it once more.

I am just trying to make a little bit more minimalistic some iOS features :)

Feel free to contact me via Mail or via Twitter @CydiaGeek for asking whatever you wanted and mostly for giving me some appreciated suggestions, thanks!

Donations would be greatly appreciated!

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Version 1.0.7
- Added the option to Hide Completely All the Folders (tip by sinfool).
Updated April 9, 2018
License Free Package
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