Compatible with iOS 8 and 9
Compatible with iPhone and iPad

Callisto sets the current passcode to the current time of your device. A lot of configurable options like "Reverse Passcode" & "Original Passcode Unlock".

Another smart feature is the ”Disable-Passcode-Over-WiFi” feature which simply disables the passcode when you are connected to a secure specified WiFi Network. All these smart features can be controlled in the Preference Bundle found in the and nothing is enabled before you do anything to it...

With iOS 9, Apple introduced the 6-digit Passcode. Since the time format is detailed in only four digits, the 6-digit Passcode was impossible to have, and therefore you had locked your device permanently if that was the case.

However, Callisto 1.0 offers "Magic Digits" for 6-Digit Passcodes. The "Magic Digits" are the last two digits.
There are (for now) 3 different options to choose between:

1. Double Zero! - Your last two digits will be "00". It´s easy to remember and use with other options...
Example: If the time is 09:41, your passcode will be 094100.

2. Magic Digits! - Choose between different magic digits and these will be the last two digits of your Time Passcode.
Example: If the time is 09:41 and you have chosen Magic Digits "07", your passcode will be 094107.

3. Callisto Special! - This option will calculate current (hour + minute) and that will be the last two digits.
Example: If the time is 09:41, your passcode will be 0941+(hour + minute) = 0941 + (09 + 41) = 094150.

If you have other ideas, you are welcome to write a message to me via Cydia. I will see what I can do, but the chance is huge if your idea is serious and can be attempted :)

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Version 1.4.7:
- Uses new server for DRM.
Updated June 17, 2017
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