Compatible with iOS 10!

All-in-one Camera customization toolbox!

Camera Tools brings a range of customization tools including a heavily made overhaul to the camera interface. It's beautifuly sleek and simplistic.

- Elegantly simplistic UI
- Minimal toolbar icons (more closer together)
- Simplistic video UI (sleeker look to the video camera)
- Vertical camera mode list changer (works great with simplistic video)
- Hide camera modes (square, slo-mo, panorama, time-lapse)
- Live photos enabled

Configure options from Settings.


v1.4 (New options/Fix)

- Hide last photo taken
- Completely remove image preview
- Fix portrait mode banner (depth overlay - overlay fix)

v1.3 (New options)

- Added/fixed sleeker shutter button
- Stock interface fully simplistic now
Updated February 16, 2017
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