iOS 8.2 Update Warning

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Compatible with iOS 5 and 6
Requires iPhone. Not for iPad.
Available: CameraTweak 2 (iOS 7)

Add the needed enhancements to Apple's iOS camera app.
This tweak will add the following enhancements:

for the Photo camera:
1) Separate Focus and Exposure views
2) Lapse Timer mode
3) Timer mode
4) Composition overlays

for the Video camera:
1) Separate Focus and Exposure views
2) Frame rate settings
3) Resolution settings
4) Frame Guide

White balance lock for both Photo and Video camera.

This will not any entry in the settings. All options are accessed right in the camera interface.

Compatible with iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s and 5. Not iPad. iOS version iOS 5 and higher (including iOS 6)

See larger Screenshots below..

*Fixed the broken compatibility with iOS 5.xx
*Fixed the Framerate button not closing on setting the frame rate.

*Bug fix with timeLapse mode not timed after one shot
*Bug fix on GUI elements not rotating
*First integration steps with upcoming tweak 'CameraFilters'
*iOS 6.1 ready

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