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Compatible with iOS 9

Canite is a beautiful system wide music player with user customizability as a key focus. You can change what type of gesture does what for each available action. With options for 3D touch there is lots to love.
Canite works with activator to hide or reveal Canite.
By default these options are active:
1.Long press on titles to open current playing app.
2.Tap artwork to open media picker view. Screenshot 1.
3.Double tap on player to rotate blur through 5 options:
   a.Light blur
   b.Lighter Blur
   c.Dark Blur
   d.Artwork Blur
   e.Custom Blur Color
4.Tap enlarge icon to open the enlarged view.

5. Hidden on lockscreen.

These options are disabled by default but can be enabled via settings:

1. Hold on player to hide.
2. Set some gestures to activate via 3D touch (6s and 6s+ devices only)

Other customisations include:
1. Set font size for each title.
2. Set strength of haptic for some 3D touch gestures.
3. Make album artwork a circle.
4. Hide volume bar.
5. Hide time bar.
6. Setting a custom colour as the blur.

If you have any concerns after the purchase of this tweak please use the in settings contact button.

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This item is now Free.

Updated December 16, 2016
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