Requires iOS 6 or higher

Only $1.99 if you own CarbonX Pro

One of the most popular and complete themes for iPhone 4/4S and 5! Elegant and stylish Carbon inspired theme with black and blue icons for use with WinterBoard and optimized for Retina display.

CarbonX Pro comes with a lot of options for you to customize...
6 different Badge Styles
5 different Folder Styles
5 different Background Styles
4 different complete SMS UI
4 different Page Dot Styles
4 different Icon Label Styles
4 different Loading/Install bar Styles
4 different Battery Styles
3 different Notification Center Styles
2 different Statusbar Styles
2 different Progressbar Styles
2 different Unlock Style
1 Auxo Style (can be turned off)
1 Dialer Style (can be turned off)

And it includes...
Redesigned Dialer
Redesigned "On Call" Dialer
Redesigned Lockscreen Password input
Redesigned Progress Bars
Redesigned Weather UI
Redesigned Worldclock/Alarm UI
Redesigned Calendar UI
Redesigned Media Player
New complete Safari UI
New complete Notes UI
New complete Calculator UI, incl. Basic and Scientific.
SBSettings Theme with 57 themed Toggles
WeatherIcon with 57 icons
15 wallpapers for both iPhone 4/4S and 5
More than 400 app icons (can be turned off)

Visit for:
Future features
Add-ons like ColorPacks

Apply this theme with Winterboard, choose a custom Wallpaper from Settings > Wallpaper. Configure SBSettings from it's More option.

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Updated March 1, 2013
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.99
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