Use CarPlay iOS in you car with your iPhone or iPad for a better experience when you driving.

This tweak permit you to have the experience of CarPlay directly on your iOS device with new features !

Features :
• All defaut systems applications are available
• Add Widgets in the statut bar (Like Wheater, speed etc.)
• Change the position of the statut bar (Left or Right)
• Adjust the volume of the device by tap twice on the statut bar
• Change the size of the icons
• Add and change the background
• Automatically lock your device when you disconnect the charger
• No need to respring
• More than 15 languages supported (English, French, German, Spanish …)

Prices :
- 1 week of free trial
- 4$/device, with lifetime update
- 12$/5 devices, with lifetime update

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• New system Start & Stop.
• New Fusion mode for all App Store apps.
• New navigation app : Google Maps !
• New Infinity License transferable.
• New login system in Spotify 3rd party app.
• New system for the ßeta test.
• Dynamique Now Playing app icon.
• Points Of Interest in Maps app.
• 12 Languages supported.
• New free trial period for this update.
License Commercial Package + Free Trial
Updated June 20, 2016
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