Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

This tweak provides an all-new perspective on how the dock can look like and increases its functionality. The boring iOS dock is replaced with a rotatable carousel dock which is customisable in different ways allowing for multiple configurations and multiple 'looks and feels' for different users.

1. The ability to enable selected apps from within the settings pane
2. Selecting some of the enabled apps as favourite apps so that a smaller number of apps are visible which makes spotting that favourite app easier
3. Displaying all applications that have badges on them. This has one of two modes:
- a. Only displaying the enabled applications that have badges on them
- b. Displaying ALL the applications installed that have badges on them
4. Highlighting all running applications (either foremost or backgrounded) so that it is easy to spot running apps and terminate them using the app switcher if a running app shouldn't be (note: messages app will almost always be running)
5. Choosing a highlighting color to customise the dock even further
6. Selecting one of the carousel layouts for the dock... the current layouts include: (if -In is appended to the end of the word, then an inverted layout of that layout is also available)
- a. Linear
- b. Rotary
- c. Cylinder -In
- d. Wheel -In
- e. Cover Flow 1
- f. Cover Flow 2
- g. Time Machine -In
7. Long holding the dock to rotate between the display modes (default, favourite, badged), as well as enabling and disabling a certain display mode and rearranging the enabled display modes (default mode cannot be disabled nor rearranged)
8. The ability to export the settings to a file, copy it over to another device or back it up, and then importing it later on to restore the settings or to change the settings on the new device
9. Resetting the settings to the default for a 'fresh' start

Upcoming Features:
1. Allowing for the dock to autohide after a certain time interval has passed without user interaction, and then reappear when a certain button (probably squared) is pressed.
2. The ability to change the position of the button horizontally in the screen for right/left handed people
3. Allow for theme-ability so that theme artists can customise the dock to blend in with their designs
4. Make the last running (or currently running) app to be centred in the middle of the dock for easier access
5. Closing an app (killing an app) once it gets flicked upwards or downwards (direction will hopefully be customisable)
6. The ability to group enabled applications into folders to make the dock less crowded and group similar apps together

• Please do not edit the settings preferences directly as any wrong change may cause issues with the tweak. Settings should be changed through the settings app. If data needs to be copied over devices, please do not copy the settings file directly and use the in-settings import/export buttons. The export will be created at /var/mobile/Library/ with the file name "CirDockSettings.CDS" and this is the file that should be copied over to the other device at the same directory. Pressing the import button after that will import the settings safely.

Bugs Known:
1- The preview dock in the settings pane may display extra untappable items that don't align up with the settings. Please ignore them for now or just use the actual dock as the preview since no respringing is required between settings changes.

Please send me an email of any bugs you find, and use the in-settings "Request New Feature" button to request a new feature. (The title of the email created using that button will help me out in filtering all other unwanted emails out to manage your suggestions with ease, so please use it :) )

Open-Source available on Github.

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-iOS 9.3.3 support
Updated August 6, 2016
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