Class-dump any Mach-o file on device or dyld_shared_cache

classdump-dyld command line tool dumps headers from binaries, bundles, frameworks etc that either reside physically on device or are stored in the dyld_shared_cache. You don't need to extract the binary first in order to classdump it.

It also offers recursive dump of whole directories options with a nice output.

It works on iPhone and Mac, all architectures, including arm64

This is a developer console utility, you may access it using MobileTerminal or remote SSH. No icons are added to your device homescreen.

Installs: /usr/bin/classdump-dyld

Project home at Github


- Fixed an issue preventing most app binaries from being dumped.
- Added cycript module:
@import net.limneos.classdumpdyld
Updated January 8, 2018
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