Compatible with iOS 10 and 11, not tested yet on older versions.

ClearFolders gives your folders a much cleaner and beautiful look.

Current features: settings with options to respring, enable/disable the tweak. Removes background of folder icon on homescreen and in folder background (see previews). Gestures in folders and options to change folders background color.

Coming soon features: Change layout inside folders.

Configure options from Settings.

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Fix libcolorpicker dependency

New features:

Gesture added (Pinch to close folders).

Option to change color of folders background :)

Updated UI in preferences with new options.

Bugs fixed:

Fixed the major bug where the tweak loaded enabled but not working on some devices.

Added compatibility with Bolders tweak.

Fixed folders background alpha not changing when Reduce Motion was enabled.
Updated May 2, 2018
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