The only compose widget you’ll need.

Requires iPhone or iPod on iOS 7
Not compatible with iPad

Apple made a huge mistake by removing the Share Widget from iOS 7. Currently, there is no way to quickly compose a post from anywhere. Compose for iOS 6 was released last year which brought two simple buttons to the Notification Center - New Message and New Mail. For iOS 7, I wanted to take it further.
That’s why I re-wrote and re-designed Compose to match iOS 7’s approach. Over that, I took it to a whole new level.

Compose for iOS 7 adds tons of new actions, built right into Control Center. It’s a beautiful widget.
It’s so handy, that once you start using it - you can’t live without it.
The widget is separated into 2 parts, so you can assign each with your favorite action.
You can go to the Settings and setup Compose by just selecting 2 different actions from these:

- New Message
- New Mail
- New WhatsApp (shortcut)
- New Facebook Message (shortcut)
- New Snapchat - (shortcut)
- New BBM (shortcut)
- New Tumblr Post (shortcut)
- New Tweetbot Tweet (shortcut)
- New Instagram Post (shortcut)
- New Clear App Item (shortcut)
- New Calendar Event
- New Facebook Post
- New Tweet
- New Event - Fantastical 2
- New Reminder - Fantastical 2
- New Draft - Drafts App
..and many more coming!

Once you select your 2 favorite actions, just Enable Compose from the CCLoader preferences and release the Control Center!

With the beautiful icons and the minimalistic design, you will always think that it is designed by Apple.
I will try and keep adding new actions with updates.

The beautiful icons are designed by @satropuk
Beta testing done by @macmixing and @satropuk


- Improved glyph colors

- Fixed a small bug with Facebook post

- Final fix for the safe-mode bug

- Added biteSMS support
- Fixed the separator UI bug

Updated March 9, 2014
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 0.99
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