Compatible with iOS 10

Several customizations to control center.
1. Wifi toggle is changed from blue to green
2. Do Not Disturb toggle is removed/replaced by a Low Power toggle.
3. Timer toggle is removed/replaced by Screen Recorder toggle

Both Low Power toggle and Screen Recorder were developed by @ca13ra1 and I had a lot of help from @Antique_Dev with the rest.

Configure options from Settings

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*Update 1.7 - added cellular data toggle per request

1.6 Update -
* added more toggles, including Dark Toggles.
* fixed battery icon

1.5 update - new toggle to try to fix battery icon for low power mode. Still requires two resprings for preference changes to take effect but I'm working on this.

More toggles added
*NOT compatible with flipcontrolcenter

Resized battery icon

Added toggle to enable/disable DND and Timer.
Updated February 17, 2017
License Free Package
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