Compatible with iOS 4 - 8

For iOS 9 try Copic 2

Supports iOS 8 and iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. Also supports Facebook and twitter profile pictures of your own in Messages as My Avatar. New rounded images feature added. Copic (short form of Contact Picture) shows contact pictures every where in your iPhone/iPad/iPod standard apps (Phone, SMS, FaceTime and Contacts). Also it shows contact pictures for favorites and recent call list in iPhone's standard mobile phone app and iPod/iPad 2's FaceTime app. This all in one contact picture app support all iDevices including iPad and iPod.

Note: This installs no icon on springboard. Copic related settings can be managed through standard settings.

Known issue: Sometimes Messages app might show monograms though Contacts has images. To fix this, just kill and relaunch the Messages app.

Please see the screenshots below for more information.

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Added support for latest WhatsApp.
Updated August 23, 2017
License Commercial Package
Suggested Price $ 2.49
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